Friday, January 27, 2017

Photo a day | Week four

Week three: Check (minus another missed day).

I'm discovering a challenge about this project... I don't like carrying my camera everywhere. It's just not easy. Hence, the phone coming in handy in daily life. But this is about using my camera so I am accepting that not all the "best" moments that create the "prettiest" pictures will be captured. Sometimes the ugly low yellow lighting in my kitchen will be what creates a moment.

How's your week? Best moments? Hard moments? I'm all ears...

So, here we go -

Jan. 21: Day 1 in Mammoth. We chose to take a little detour from Whole 30 so we could enjoy a new local brewery. Worth it.

Jan 22: These two. Our hosts for the weekend in the cutest, mountain studio. I am so glad I finally got to spend time with these newly married friends and see their journey as it unfolds. They are silly, so in love and such a great team.

Jan. 23: Super snowed in. Like no way this business could open. Everything was white, calm, clean. It was pretty surreal to experience this much snow (most overnight). It definitely messed with our plans but made for a unique and simple experience. 

Jan. 24: Home. Sad I missed all the rainy adventure in Fullerton (this always happens to me) but love the pretty skies that form after the storm. 

Jan. 25: Ethos Winter Kick Off. This night was so fun! We have an incredible team that work so hard and I loved seeing them come together to create such a meaningful space and night. Taylor wanted to make it on the photo a day blog, so here she is! Love this lady.

Jan. 26: Ah, a slow morning. Finally & much needed. Also, finally got this guy to 'sit' and pose for me. We also went to the dog park for the first time and he LOVED it. He took off galloping happily and made some friends. Plus, he wasn't begging me to run! Success! 

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