Friday, January 6, 2017

Photo a Day | 2017

I've seen people do these projects and I am taking it on for 2017. I am pretty excited.

Let's be real, I will probably miss some days over the course of the year. But I am not about rigidity, so I'm ok with that. And with any resolution/goal I think it's more about the why and intentionality than firm structure.

So, my why:
  • To document moments: Simple, special, pretty, dull... daily life and what it holds. I love this because I so value preserving moments, having something to look back on and bringing value to the simple. I imagine I will look back and think, "Wow, that felt so unimportant but still matters so much." or "I loved when our home was decorated like that." or "The simple beauty of the light coming in the window that day was actually significant." But hey, we'll see.. 
  • To see things differently: I think sometimes perspective hits us later. I am excited to spend time on simple moments each week and reflect on them at the end of the year. 
  • To un-curate: This isn't flawless moments, gorgeous images or tons of likes. This is about life as it happens, as I see it and as it unfolds. Again, preserving the value of moments, not adding value with setting up beautiful scenes that'll be well liked. 
  • To be creative: To challenge my perspective, the way I capture and how I present what I see. To have a daily habit of noticing. 
  • To see what comes from this intentional rhythm. Have you done something like this? I'd love to hear what you learned or gathered. 
So, here we go! I'll post a blog each week. I don't really have it all planned out so if you'd like to follow along and see what unfolds, please do!

Week 1: January 1 - 6, 2017.

Happy NEW Year from Denver.
We took this photo as we checked out of our airbnb and began the trek home.

 Jan 2: We decided to take the long way home and see a new state. This is the road in Wyoming as the snow moved in. This became the longesttttt drive with tons of snow, no visibility and 30mph until we reach our sleep spot in Utah at 3am. But hey, adventure!

Jan. 3: The 15 put us right along an entrance to Zion National Park we'd never been to so we had to pop in. It is right off the highway and such a gorgeous scenic drive. Definitely worth it.

Jan. 4: HOME: Post vacay life. Laundry for days. A little chaotic but also so nice to be home in our place.

Jan. 5: Long days back in the swing of things. Feeling funky and debriefing some life stuff. We forced ourselves to go on a chilly evening bike ride and then watched an episode of Law & Order. Glamorous stuff right here.

Jan. 6: Breakfast. We're back on Whole30 which I feel both good and annoyed about. But I know the parameters are a good reset. I just love breakfast foods so much (oatmeal, pancakes, etc...).

Are you committing to anything this new year?
Goals? Adding things or taking away? Just a fresh perspective?

See you at week two!

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