Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mammoth, CA | Snowedin.

Mammoth just had the most epic week (and month) in history with record breaking snowfall - 246 inches in January. That's over 20 feet! And we got to be there for the bulk of it.

I've always wanted to get stuck (snowed in) on a mountain adventure! Doesn't that sound like the best problem? Turns out it is kind of stressful because you don't know IF they will open the roads (and you need to head home/to work) or IF you're fully stuck and can just enjoy it. Maybe if this wasn't such a busy week we would have said "screw it, we're staying" but we had to take the open road home. The bummer: we didn't get to snowboard the three days we were there due to weather and closures. The day after we left was the most epic day and we were that close to enjoying it. Wahh Wahhh.

But, you make the most of what you got. We did lots of snowy hikes through deeply covered roads. The town was quiet with most people inside or avoiding the roads. Those we did go out provided entertainment as they got stuck. Many business were shut down with snow well above the windows. Lucky for us there was a brewery, coffee shop and grocery store open. We basically roamed to those places and enjoyed the journey. Plus, we had so much fun with our hosts in their cozy mountain studio.

Until next time Mammoth. Especially since we have unused lift tickets, we'll be back!

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