Sunday, July 22, 2007

Off to Africa.

In 12 hours I, as well as 56 other people from my church (Eastside Christian in Fullerton) begin our two week journey to the slums of Mathare Valley in Nairobi, Kenya. We will be working to bring light into peoples homes in the dark valley, provide dental and medical assitant, run a childrens vacation bible school, enjoy a safari and most importanly be open to being used to spread God's love and hope to people in need.

I am so excited. I am humbled. I am nervous and I am anxious to see what is in store!

Please pray for our journey.

Christina, jordy & I...

I think I am 99% packed. Now I should get some sleep. tomorrows going to come and go quickly!


Thursday, July 19, 2007

lot's to do

Before Africa. I guess the most important would be to pack!

But I've had a week filled with things/people I love so it's good!

Like these two i love:

The whole dancin' crew:

Girls nite for cheesecake before departure:


Watermellon slurpee!

And in other good news: I got my new camera today!

Just kidding, total joke. That would be nice but it actually arrived today for Mark Christensen! Fun to look at anyway!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The OC Fair!

Ok, you don't even need to ride any rides. It's just fun being there, people watching, eating fair food and taking pictures!

We're here!

My corny friend ;)

The ferris wheel

Are we tall enough?

TALL drinks


Funnel Cake!

Lots O' Pictures

You should go! very fun :)

(ps. a walk to remember is on tv which makes me happy! good memories).

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Maggie's home...

From Brazil!

Ofcourse, all she wanted for lunch AND diner was Chipotle.
I was thinking about that commercial on the radio for starbucks that says "Meet your freinds at starbucks" or something. It should be chipotle. Or somewhere that has FREE wifi.
But back to Maggie being home:

I saw this on my cup of tea from the other day and it was col because im leaving for Africa in 10 days to work with AIDS victims and other important things..

Another cool thing, Lyndsey and I we're wearing the same shirt (in a different color) under our work shirt!

(we thought it was cool, ok!)

Foto Cabina!

Last Friday we attended the Foto Cabina release party at Jim Kennedy's studio in Huntington Beach. Diner first at some Hawaiian place was tasty. Followed by the party which was great. It was awesome to meet great new people and see some familiar faces as well!
Ont he way there Heather Cotter & I released we had the same Clinique lip gloss/perfume wand - so ofcourse, picture time:

We also discovered Heather carries THREE travel size hairspray cans. Pretty handy! And incase we got seperated, we all could have our own!

Here's a few of our pictures from the Foto Cabina. I L O V E photo booths and this one is terrific. So much fun for the people inside and those on the outside who can watch the people taking pictures on the screen!

Jaime and I

Jaime, Heather and I

And one with our new friend Allie. :)

T'was much fun.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Danielle & Ruben - 07.07.07

It was the biggest wedding day of the year! People are already planning their 08.08.08 wedding! Anyway, here's some pictures from saturday!

trust me, it wasn't as bad as it looked

you see the 'ice' ?

the practice shot

the winner