Monday, December 24, 2007

just a little bit more

Christmas festivies for you..
I can't believe Christmas is just 2 hours away. I mean, I guess I've been apart of a fair share of great Christmas events but it just came way too fast!
Some from this week:

Hanging with the guys (kevin was in town from indiana).

Shaun almost got in trouble for this:

Company dinner @ Chomp:
ok it was soo delicious! I absolutely loved it and plan to go again, soon. Got my first Christmas present :) ate great food and hung with awesome people.
Good times for sure.

It was pretty great of Tim and Sheryl to drive from Santa Barbara and Mike Larson to come from San Luis Obispo.
Made for a great night.

more festivites...

leader party and college group party:

it makes me sad that it is all almost over.

comes and goes too fast.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Two ugly sweater parties and more..

I have been a little overhwelmed by how time has flown by the past two months. I love Christmas and all the festivites and I feel like I have had very little down time to enjoy them. But none the less, there's been some fun stuff to enjoy!

Ugly sweater one:

Number two: at Tiff aand Al's:

Good times :)
More to come!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

beauty is..


The perfect lighting. On a cool crisp afternoon. After the rain. Clear skies.

What is it to you?

Friday, December 14, 2007

One Christmas Tradition: Gingerbread houses!

Gotta love it.

Friends. Creativity. Team work. Festivities. :)
This has gotta be the 4th year in a row or something.
Makes me happy!

Everyone is pretty excited:

Start with coffee and the necessities

The other house:


Welcome inside the palace:

I'm thankful to have great friends to share these traditions with! :)