Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tonight - we sing.

From the show on the last tour:

Tonight = Copeland - The Farewell Tour. A sad day indeed but Copeland is one of the few bands I can always listen to and is always perfect for singing loud in the car. They make for the moments when I sing my heart out as if it sounds good. So many great people will come together tonight to enjoy this last run. It's been a good one. I have so many specific memories from the first two albums way back in high school and I plan on many more even if the making of the music has stopped.

Here's to a great band, great friends and a wonderful night ahead.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why be mean?

I've got a new blog entry up and the Abeni website. Short and simple but I was challenged by a conversation at the clubs last week and maybe you have had a similar experience from a conversation. I'd love to hear how you have been challenged lately.

You can read the blog entry here.

Happy Wednesday, y'all.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Bridgette is a friend from high school and beyond. It was time for some head shots and I'd say that is not a bad way to enjoy a lovely afternoon outside and catch up.





Thursday, March 18, 2010

In the works.

Most of you know about the nine months I spent living in Las Vegas interning for XXXchurch doing ministry to the sex industry. This was a journey that was years in the making. A heart for women and those who are often made to feel worthless, disposable and invaluable finally came to use in a challenging way in this environment.

Upon moving back to Fullerton I knew I didn't want to give up loving and serving in this environment. I am constantly blown away by the ways God has brought together a carefully crafted team to carry out this passion in Southern California. Long story short - Abeni was birthed in November. Abeni means "Girl prayed for" In Swahili. For the past six months we have been planning, praying and doing our best to be extensions of His love and grace in the local sex industry. What does this look like? Relationships. Selfless love. We bring gifts, baked goods, meals and more to the women (and men) in local strip clubs. From here we have met friends who have stories to tell; heard about their hearts, families and struggles.

My favorite and most heartbreaking line we hear is, "We really don't have to pay you / I can't believe you want to do this for us / No one does anything like this for us / I feel so loved." This is why we do this. If we can be a positive moment in their day and lives then we are blessed. We know it is a tough industry and they are loved and deserve love just like we do. We know a God who has a love far beyond what we can comprehend.

We are excited to have officially launched our website. Check it out here.


The encouragement and prayers have been crucial as we build on this journey. We are constantly reminded of how good and in control God is.

We will be receiving spiritual and financial support from a great local church.
This week I received a super generous support check from a great woman from my church. I definitely started crying right there at work.

I am learning what Grace, love and worth look like in my own life through all of this. I'm on a journey and thankful for all that comes with it.

Check out the website and become a fan on facebook to hear the latest!
Thank YOU to everyone who has played such a valuable role in support, prayer and sharing in the process.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Should you return

Rachel and I finally made the trip back to our previous (but temporary) home - Las Vegas. It was exciting, fun and relaxing to return. After a whole year I reunited with Krissee, my former roommate. It really blows my mind how fast time flies.

We stopped at some favorite food places - Agave, Einstein's, Sushi Samba (And attempted The Red Velvet Cafe but it is closed on Sundays). I was reminded of how dry skin gets in Vegas but also how much better hair styles in Vegas. You win some, you lose some. We went to the new City Center which is a total let down. I miss the wind, the people, the people watching, the ministry opportunities and more. But I am thankful for the lessons, the growth, the journey and the present.