Friday, January 20, 2017

Photo a Day | Week three

It happened.
It's week three and I missed a day. I told you it would. I'm ok with it. I want this to remain something I do to be creative and preserve moments around me, not force a certain result. Now that that's off my chest, here we go. We had something big happen this week so lets get to it...

Jan. 14: Breakfast. One of my favorite breakfast during Whole 30 is chia seed pudding. It's tasty and a much needed change from eggs.

Jan. 15: MEET WINSTON. Come on, he's the cutest. I swear all my photos wont be about him. ;) I've been wanting to rescue an Australian Shepherd and just couldn't find one. But thanks to Facebook and a friend, we were connect with this guy who needed a home! He's the best, already. So well behaved, smart, cute and fun. He's taken much of my sleep this week but I'm getting it back. We can't wait to take him on adventures! 

Jan. 16: Winton's first play day. I don't think he played fetch much before but he caught on quick and loved it!  Someone else had fun, too.

Jan. 17: Oops., didn't happen.

Jan. 18: Bedside goodies. I honestly haven't picked up these journals but I love them and as I was settling into bed I realized I hadn't taken a picture and saw these. My husband just rolls into bed. My routine takes a little longer - vitamins, teeth brushing, face oil, slowing down. Journaling isn't in my current rhythm but I want it to be again. So, here is my inspiration and reminder.

Jan. 19: Double feature. I woke up early so we ventured out for a 6:45a rainy walk. This is REALLY early for me (even though I worked at a coffee shop the past two years, still..). Why yes, the morning darkness led to two different socks. I love how he gets all crimpy when he's wet! He wants to be where we are, hence hanging at my feet while I make some mornin' coffee. 

We had some visitors in town for dinner (So we went to Burger Parlor, duh. Also a decent Whole 30 option). Then we went a few doors over to the vintage arcade place for some quarter games. Bust A Move is my jam! 

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