Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Erin Peffly | Fullerton Lifestyle Session

Need some home decor inspiration? How about some zest for life?
You should hang out with Erin!

This session was so fun. Erin has the coolest home full of life, vibey decor and welcoming spaces that is such a reflection of her. I loved hearing how she uses her space for hosting, downtime and getting creative.

Thank you, Erin, for letting me get to know you and share in your space a bit!

Thrive Thursday: Unspectactular Preparation.

Today I lettered this quote:

“Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation”.

 Floral Art by P+H Chalk.

This feels so so true but so unpretty. The unspectacular isn’t really what we talk about a lot. I see friends and they ask, “So, have you had lots of photo shoots lately?” or “What’s been going on?” but you know when they ask they aren’t looking to hear, “It’s great. I’ve been googling SEO, watching webinars on email lists and I booked 1 session”.

Nothing spectacular here folks. Just me, trying daily to work towards what matters to me. Just over here working on pricing that makes sense to me and my values and my clients. Just making myself doing things I don’t love doing. Just researching products. And some sessions, editing and instagram posting, too.

That quote reminded me how much the unspectacular is needed, how foundational it is. I am reminded about the time these things take. I am reminded that growing a business, like most things, isn’t just (or even mainly) the pretty moments that make our highlight reel. It’s funny how much I need reminding.

Maybe you need some reminding too.
… If you’re pursuing something and it has challenges, takes time and isn’t all pretty.
Maybe you’re building a business.
Maybe you’re starting/growing a family.
Maybe you’re struggling through school.
Maybe you’re working at a less than thrilling job.
Maybe you’re in a weird season that just feels like “nothing new” is happening..

Maybe you’re living life, and maybe you’re realizing that the simple truth of that is that its not all pretty. Despite social media, despite what peers have going on and despite what feels ideal, life is filled with a  lot of normal. Less highs and more regulars.

Hey, lets be thankful for the regular moments. That’s where most of life is lived and that stuff is good.

ps. I am trying to write more but often have no idea what to write. Any ideas? Life, marriage, business, thriving, etc. Send 'em my way!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mr + Mrs Sanchez | 1920s Inspired Long Beach Wedding

I am so in love with this 1920 inspired union.

Chris & Sarah (along with their families) worked so hard to bring together all the details - the perfect venue, a vintage newspaper, beautiful dark florals, 1920s bridal party attire and more! Oh, and fur coats!

Venue: The Sky Room | Florals: Urban Gardener | DJ: Luxury DJ | Live Entertainment: Greg & Michelle Curtis

 The First Look: Taking each other in.

How snazzy does their party look?

The stunning couple:

Time to get hitched!

This is one of my favorite moments. The officiant asked the audience to stand if they were committed to the couple, to divorce not being an option and to supporting them. And then he asked them to turn around and soak in their immense support. So, so special. 

Time to party!

Sarah & her Father did the cutest choreographed 20's inspired dance. This was so fun to watch! 

Lets just say there were some good jams playing!

"A little bit softer now"...

Chris and Sarah had jars where their quest could place bets on who would wear the cake (in place of a money dance). It was such a cute idea and everyone was cheering for their "winning bet"!

 Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez! You two are such a joy.