Friday, January 27, 2017

Photo a day | Week four

Week three: Check (minus another missed day).

I'm discovering a challenge about this project... I don't like carrying my camera everywhere. It's just not easy. Hence, the phone coming in handy in daily life. But this is about using my camera so I am accepting that not all the "best" moments that create the "prettiest" pictures will be captured. Sometimes the ugly low yellow lighting in my kitchen will be what creates a moment.

How's your week? Best moments? Hard moments? I'm all ears...

So, here we go -

Jan. 21: Day 1 in Mammoth. We chose to take a little detour from Whole 30 so we could enjoy a new local brewery. Worth it.

Jan 22: These two. Our hosts for the weekend in the cutest, mountain studio. I am so glad I finally got to spend time with these newly married friends and see their journey as it unfolds. They are silly, so in love and such a great team.

Jan. 23: Super snowed in. Like no way this business could open. Everything was white, calm, clean. It was pretty surreal to experience this much snow (most overnight). It definitely messed with our plans but made for a unique and simple experience. 

Jan. 24: Home. Sad I missed all the rainy adventure in Fullerton (this always happens to me) but love the pretty skies that form after the storm. 

Jan. 25: Ethos Winter Kick Off. This night was so fun! We have an incredible team that work so hard and I loved seeing them come together to create such a meaningful space and night. Taylor wanted to make it on the photo a day blog, so here she is! Love this lady.

Jan. 26: Ah, a slow morning. Finally & much needed. Also, finally got this guy to 'sit' and pose for me. We also went to the dog park for the first time and he LOVED it. He took off galloping happily and made some friends. Plus, he wasn't begging me to run! Success! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mammoth, CA | Snowedin.

Mammoth just had the most epic week (and month) in history with record breaking snowfall - 246 inches in January. That's over 20 feet! And we got to be there for the bulk of it.

I've always wanted to get stuck (snowed in) on a mountain adventure! Doesn't that sound like the best problem? Turns out it is kind of stressful because you don't know IF they will open the roads (and you need to head home/to work) or IF you're fully stuck and can just enjoy it. Maybe if this wasn't such a busy week we would have said "screw it, we're staying" but we had to take the open road home. The bummer: we didn't get to snowboard the three days we were there due to weather and closures. The day after we left was the most epic day and we were that close to enjoying it. Wahh Wahhh.

But, you make the most of what you got. We did lots of snowy hikes through deeply covered roads. The town was quiet with most people inside or avoiding the roads. Those we did go out provided entertainment as they got stuck. Many business were shut down with snow well above the windows. Lucky for us there was a brewery, coffee shop and grocery store open. We basically roamed to those places and enjoyed the journey. Plus, we had so much fun with our hosts in their cozy mountain studio.

Until next time Mammoth. Especially since we have unused lift tickets, we'll be back!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Photo a Day | Week three

It happened.
It's week three and I missed a day. I told you it would. I'm ok with it. I want this to remain something I do to be creative and preserve moments around me, not force a certain result. Now that that's off my chest, here we go. We had something big happen this week so lets get to it...

Jan. 14: Breakfast. One of my favorite breakfast during Whole 30 is chia seed pudding. It's tasty and a much needed change from eggs.

Jan. 15: MEET WINSTON. Come on, he's the cutest. I swear all my photos wont be about him. ;) I've been wanting to rescue an Australian Shepherd and just couldn't find one. But thanks to Facebook and a friend, we were connect with this guy who needed a home! He's the best, already. So well behaved, smart, cute and fun. He's taken much of my sleep this week but I'm getting it back. We can't wait to take him on adventures! 

Jan. 16: Winton's first play day. I don't think he played fetch much before but he caught on quick and loved it!  Someone else had fun, too.

Jan. 17: Oops., didn't happen.

Jan. 18: Bedside goodies. I honestly haven't picked up these journals but I love them and as I was settling into bed I realized I hadn't taken a picture and saw these. My husband just rolls into bed. My routine takes a little longer - vitamins, teeth brushing, face oil, slowing down. Journaling isn't in my current rhythm but I want it to be again. So, here is my inspiration and reminder.

Jan. 19: Double feature. I woke up early so we ventured out for a 6:45a rainy walk. This is REALLY early for me (even though I worked at a coffee shop the past two years, still..). Why yes, the morning darkness led to two different socks. I love how he gets all crimpy when he's wet! He wants to be where we are, hence hanging at my feet while I make some mornin' coffee. 

We had some visitors in town for dinner (So we went to Burger Parlor, duh. Also a decent Whole 30 option). Then we went a few doors over to the vintage arcade place for some quarter games. Bust A Move is my jam! 

Friday, January 13, 2017

A Photo A Day: Week two.

Week two. I already feel a little bored. Not of taking pictures, but of feeling like I don't have anything to take photos of. I see people who have kids do these projects and they seem so much richer in content. However, this is my project and it will reflect me. I am excited to see how that unfolds and evolves.

So if you're here, sorry if this is boring. Thanks for journeying with me.
Maybe it feels boring because I am biased and naturally hard on my own creativity. I'm going to hope that is kind of the case.

Jan. 7: Saturday. Post vacation lazy, deep cleaning, organizing, etc. I really enjoyed this slow day at home.

Jan. 8: Yoga. I am doing a 31 day yoga practice (with a few days off in the middle). If you want to try yoga or enjoy it, my favorite youtube yogi makes it great. Check out Yoga with Adriene. Some days I am all about it. Some it takes some serious push. But I always feel great after and I am looking forward to what I feel after 31 (mostly) consistent days.

Jan. 9: The weather this week. Swoon. I love the view from my kitchen window and porch. I also love this tree. It's huge and covers our front yard. I don't know what it is but I love seeing it change each season and have wanted to document it. Mostly, I am so glad it makes so much shade during the hellish months of late Summer. 

Jan. 10: This photo keeps bothering me. I wanted to replace it. Our kitchen lighting is so drab and yellow. This just looks so blah to me. But then I remind myself that this isn't about posting the most fabulous pictures. Sure, I want to get creative and take photos I am proud of but I also want to document, capture real and preserve life.  This is a lot of life right now... chopping and roasting veggies during Whole 30. Lots of messes on the floor, wanting some Burger Parlor and trying to mix it up in the kitchen.

Jan. 11: Wayfare.  This is where I spend a few days a week. I am so glad I get to be on this team and work in this space. Community, common good, growth, productivity. I've loved Wayfare for a while and was stoked to have them come to Fullerton. If you need a space to work and be around awesome, check it!

Jan. 12: Arriving home for the night. More beautiful skies. The East was so purple, then blue. To the south, pink. To the west, rich blues. There are some annoying things about where we live, but mostly so much good. Home is good.

Jan. 13: Breakfast. Most days on Whole 30 = eggs. We trade off days. I am glad for mornings we're both home together. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Winter Getaway Part 1: Steamboat Springs

We've decided we aren't into Summer vacations. Realistically we knew that, but we confirmed it this past summer. It was time for a Winter vacation... and we LOVED it.

Charles has the week between Christmas and New Years off so we planned an adventure. I am so thankful we heard about Strawberry Park Hot Springs from a few friends - it was the perfect destination!

Day 1: Fullerton, CA to Green River, UT. I don't know how long we drove but it was in the 10+ hour range. We stopped in Vegas and a few other spots along the way until we landed at our KOA for the night.  Charles built a bed in the back of our Landcruiser so we just pull out our supplies, lay out our sleeping bags and catch some Zzzzzs.

The morning frost was so beautiful:

SNOW! Just what we've been longing for. Loved seeing this view on our drive:

Days 2-5: Steamboat Springs, CO.
Our home for the next three nights. This sweet, tiny little cabin was perfect. All off grid - simply a few beds, two chairs and an end table, a gas fireplace and a deck.
This was the door from the bedroom to the deck. 


The sunset from the bedroom window.

Morning One: A snow covered deck. We woke up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom (detached out house.. see it below) and it was snowing! Such a dreamy first morning.

First things first.

A tripod, remote and some snowy portrait fun.

Thee Hot Springs. Multiple pools with different temperatures ranging from 104+ down to a cool pool surrounded by mountains and snow.
The hardest part was getting out of layers of coats and boots to feel the sub 20 degree temps and run into the pools (without slipping on the ice covered ground). But then it was all worth it.

Downtown Steamboat Springs.

A beautiful, clear night.

Early bird gets the worm. This lovely morning we got to be the only ones in the pools and the serenity was so perfect.

Frost made everything so crisp and pretty.

Keeping morning breakfast warm on the stove.

This is the tiny second story of our cabin. So cozy and simple.

Pondering leaving. Always sad...

So, this is the tiny outhouse. I made every effort to not have to pee in the middle of the night. Plus it was hard to get in with the snow that piled up. Also featured, our cabin. Two beds downstairs (we used as a couch/storage), two chairs and a small end table.
The simplicity was lovely. We had no phone service and lots of time to just be. On day one Charles said, "We're coming back here next year." Who wants to come?

The frosty windshield as we prepared to leave.

I am so thankful for the three nights we got to spend here. We snagged the last of the 3 cabins and it was just what we wanted (and needed).

Part two to follow: Denver.

Do you have a favorite vacation spot? I'd love to hear about it!