Friday, January 13, 2017

A Photo A Day: Week two.

Week two. I already feel a little bored. Not of taking pictures, but of feeling like I don't have anything to take photos of. I see people who have kids do these projects and they seem so much richer in content. However, this is my project and it will reflect me. I am excited to see how that unfolds and evolves.

So if you're here, sorry if this is boring. Thanks for journeying with me.
Maybe it feels boring because I am biased and naturally hard on my own creativity. I'm going to hope that is kind of the case.

Jan. 7: Saturday. Post vacation lazy, deep cleaning, organizing, etc. I really enjoyed this slow day at home.

Jan. 8: Yoga. I am doing a 31 day yoga practice (with a few days off in the middle). If you want to try yoga or enjoy it, my favorite youtube yogi makes it great. Check out Yoga with Adriene. Some days I am all about it. Some it takes some serious push. But I always feel great after and I am looking forward to what I feel after 31 (mostly) consistent days.

Jan. 9: The weather this week. Swoon. I love the view from my kitchen window and porch. I also love this tree. It's huge and covers our front yard. I don't know what it is but I love seeing it change each season and have wanted to document it. Mostly, I am so glad it makes so much shade during the hellish months of late Summer. 

Jan. 10: This photo keeps bothering me. I wanted to replace it. Our kitchen lighting is so drab and yellow. This just looks so blah to me. But then I remind myself that this isn't about posting the most fabulous pictures. Sure, I want to get creative and take photos I am proud of but I also want to document, capture real and preserve life.  This is a lot of life right now... chopping and roasting veggies during Whole 30. Lots of messes on the floor, wanting some Burger Parlor and trying to mix it up in the kitchen.

Jan. 11: Wayfare.  This is where I spend a few days a week. I am so glad I get to be on this team and work in this space. Community, common good, growth, productivity. I've loved Wayfare for a while and was stoked to have them come to Fullerton. If you need a space to work and be around awesome, check it!

Jan. 12: Arriving home for the night. More beautiful skies. The East was so purple, then blue. To the south, pink. To the west, rich blues. There are some annoying things about where we live, but mostly so much good. Home is good.

Jan. 13: Breakfast. Most days on Whole 30 = eggs. We trade off days. I am glad for mornings we're both home together. 

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