Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Work it Wednesday: Help Portrait Recap.

This past weekend we hosted a site of Help Portrait - this is a world wide event taking place simultaneously as photographers and volunteers all over the world create a space for people to be valued and receive a free portrait.
So far reports show
: 82 events in 18 countries with 2,060 volunteers and 9,600 people given portraits! How rad is that?

We wanted to make our event open to everyone. Photography is expensive. Some people have never had the opportunity. Some people don't feel deserving. Some people find themselves in a touch place. Whatever the case, we we're ready for our community to join us for this special event.

We planned, prepped, promoted and showed up.

It was great! We had a great group of people volunteer their time, fresh baked treats and festive goodies. We had awesome people join us as well. Two local women's homes brought women and their beautiful children as well as different members of our community who heard about the opportunity.

I love when people see a great photo of themselves and feel beautiful and valued. It's even better when you're able to provide that for free and love your community (at least I think so). Help Portrait inspired the projects we did in Kenya and it was so fun to offer the same thing here.

Thanks to everyone who helped or participated!

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