Tuesday, December 1, 2015

No pants December = Dressember.

For the next 31 days I wont be wearing pants. Don't worry, I wont be naked. I will only be wearing dresses. Why? Here's a little background.

I'm not really a bandwagon-er. So when things are the "cool thing" to do, I tend to ignore them. Like Toms. I like what they're about but they were so "cool" all of a sudden and I just couldn't jump on the trend (no offense to Toms wearers at all). This is probably more of my pride. I've always liked to be original. There are plenty of things I like that are popular, I just don't like liking things just because they are cool.

So anyway... I've known about Dressember for a long time and I have been interested in participating. Dressember isn't about a dress but rather an opportunity to use our voice (and use something like a dress) to speak up for other women. Dressember is a way to raise money and advocacy. They partner with IJM and other anti-trafficking organizations to rescue women from slavery.

I am passionate about women (and all people) having worth and a voice. I've worked with women in the sex industry locally and in Las Vegas and my heart breaks for women who are trapped in these places. These reasons and others are why Dressember has caught my attention.

BUT I don't like jumping on the bandwagon.
This year I thoughts about joining the Dressember movement. Then I thought,
"Nah, I've got enough going on"
"I don't want people to think I am just doing this to be cool" and
"I don't want to be that person who just does all the trendy cause based things" and moved on.
And then I couldn't shake the thought...
"Nope! I need to get over myself. This is the stuff I care about and this matters to me."

I want to make a difference for those trapped in slavery. I want to speak up. I want my life to be about people mattering. I don't want to do things because they are cool and I don't want to avoid doing things because people might think I am trying to be cool.

I know what IJM is doing around the world is finding, speaking up for, rescuing and bringing value to people. I know I am about that and if I cannot do that personally, I want to do what I can.

So, I'm in. Dresses only for 31 days. To raise awareness and support. To be intentional. To speak up. To pay attention.

I've already been thinking a lot about this sacrifice.
I am kind of not excited because it is finally cold and I am all about a good pair of jeans and a sweater/scarf. It's comfortable, lazy and cozy. And I like it. But I am going to have to try a little harder ad I get dressed each day. And I know that is going to make me think about why I am doing this and how much these women matter. I am already thinking about how much they deserve much more than my sacrifice and I should get over myself.

So, here we go.
Happy December 1st.
Happy Dressember.

Be you, do you, let people matter.

To read more, donate or share - check out my page. I am on the Share and Do Good team and so stoked to partner with these ladies in this.

Thanks for reading this! I really appreciate it.

Are you doing Dressember? I want to hear about your journey!

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