Wednesday, December 30, 2015

All the Christmasy things.

Friends, I love Christmas. Well, all around festivities. But December is GREAT. The music changes. Parking lots and stores decorate. Streets are illuminated. You get fun mail. There are fun parties to attend. There's fun treats to enjoy. You get to celebrate with those you love. And we celebrate the birth of Jesus!

It always goes by too fast, but it was a fun month. I think we added festive touches to our home right up to Christmas Eve. It was great. Charles was super into making things and adding coziness to our home. I loved it. I am so glad he is equally into the festivities.

While I would love to squeeze in more, I'd say we made the most of the month.

I love light looking, hosting, decorating, card and gift making, Christmas movies, traditions and time with my people.

This year I really wanted to host a Christmas party. But ya know, nights are so busy. Everyone is working with a full schedule. But then I thought, how about Christmas Eve brunch? Maybe people don't have somewhere to spend Christmas Eve. Then there's our church people who are working a ton of services. Maybe they need somewhere to come where they can just be, eat and celebrate. So we made brunch happen and it was so fun. It was casual and we just spread the word to a few people but it was great. All my favorite breakfast foods, a morning with coffee by the fire pit and friends.  When you have a small home you get creative. Plus we love being outside. So we plugged a waffle iron in outside, used the grill to keep things warm and hung around the picnic table.

We're thinking this is going to be a new tradition for us and I am excited about it. We love the simple, just come and be opportunities.

What are your favorite traditions or festivities?







I am not ready to pack up the Christmas decor! Don't make me!

 You ready for 2016? Lets do this!

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