Friday, February 6, 2009

Thoughts before the club:

Ok, So in less than a half an hour we are departing for the clubs - strips clubs that is. Well first we are going out for gourmet dessert but then to the clubs!

Rachel, Krissee, Heidi, Laura and I are fully loaded with over $2000 worth of Sephora Make Up in cute little bags along with our contact information for X3 and Danger Make Up services.

The Goal? To show these ladies we love them and more importantly they are so desired and loved by God. I hope the attitude received is one that we are equals that genuinely care for them.

I am praying for favor to get in the back of the strip clubs to hand over the gifts, converse and whatever God allows. I am not sure how it will work but I pray it does work; that we are extensions of God's practical love. I pray that this will be an opening of doors to further relationships.

I am excited, anxious, nervous, ready.

Update to follow!