Tuesday, February 10, 2009

from the club to the brothel.

A great opportunity presented itself starting with a conversation with a company who does graphic skateboards.

A woman associated the skateboard company is an owner (or something like that) of a Nevada Brothel. She happens to need community service hours. We happen to want to spend time at a brothel. Sound like a deal? Perfect!

So tomorrow at 11 we embark on a 4 hour car ride with the owners to then arrive at the brothel. Sam will be cooking a delicious dinner. Rachel will be doing make up. I will be doing hair. Craig (and us as well) will be spending time with all the ladies and staff.

I am so excited to have a good amount time to spend with these girls. I hope to form relationships that go beyond this one day and are affective at conveying Gods genuine love for each of them. I am not totally sure what to expect but anxious for this experience.

Details to follow. Time to pack and sleep.

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