Sunday, February 22, 2009

The pluses and minuses..

of living in Las Vegas:

*no humidity = no frizzy hair
*a place of great need for ministry and God's love
*24 hours food options/places to explore
*It really is beautiful (wait and see how I feel in Summer)
*Friends come here often for Birthdays, etc. = visitors for me
(andrea, hannah/karen swaney, christina/lisa swaney and fam so far)
*Newly developed area means nice homes and places to hang

*super dry = dehydration/dry skin
*The heat will be listed here come May
*Traffic with the 15 fwy/strip area
*Having your car, clothes and yourself often smelling like a casino
*Newly developed area means road construction and confusion

That is all I can think of for now.

Basically, like any city, there is the good and the bad. But I like it. Opportunity and adventure await.

tomorrow: back to the brothel! Please pray. I am excited that we can go back and hopefully form better relationships now that the awkwardness of the first visit is over. Details to come.

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