Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back to the brothel.

So monday Rachel, Heidi and I geared up and hit the highway for another trip to the brothel.
Heidi made dinner and cup caked, Rachel did make up and I did hair.

This visit was great! It was totally different. It was like we were welcomed friends, not foreign outsiders!

The girls didnt have their guard up and in being more comfortable with us the conversations were great!

We met one bartender who wants working last time (who came just to meet us cause she heard great things - and brought us gifts) and she was excited which was great because that meant that she heard good things from the other girls. We also met one working girl we didn't meet!

Dinner was delicious and good hang time followed by cupcakes! Go Heidi. Rachel and I went to the back to do make up and hair which was great for bonding time. The girls had been reading the JLPS (Jesus Loves Porn Stars) bibles we left last time and had great things to say. Cutting hair and talking to one of the bar tenders who previously was very guarded was great. She shared the pain she feels working there and what she sees the girl experience. She hears the guys say things like, "which whore do you want?" and they ask her if she can go into the back with them. She knows her body is a temple. She wants out of even bartending - young, 2 kids, wants more than this!

A groups of guys came and were quite drunk and into the party in the brothel. One chose the new working girl we met. She came back from having sex with him and was in so much pain because she was on her period, bloaded, and crampy and so uncomfortable. We felt horrible for her and the despair you could see. She told us she read the bible when someone gave it to her and she has a lot of questions and things she wants to talk about next time - yes!

The girls, bartenders and working girls alike, couldnt stop asking us when we are coming back! One asked why we came back (in shock that we would) and we told her we had fun and wanted to spend more time with them. Her disbelief was heartbreaking. We want to go back mid march before one girl potentially ends her time and goes home for good!

It was such a great second visit! It is sad seeing the girls consistently get drunk but I understand that they want to avoid the pain they feel and are bored stuck in that house/business. It feels like you are just spending time in a run down house but when you think about how it would possibly feel to entirely live and work there and experience what they do, it really does break your heart. But I am so blessed to be in relationship with these women, affirm them and spend time with them.

Pictures to come! Thanks for all the support and prayer!

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