Monday, February 9, 2009

The Strip Clubs

So Friday night was the big night (see previous post).

     We headed to our first club with 80 gifts of Sephora make up all donated! We we're a little nervous because we knew that a different group got fully rejected at this club and last time Krissee tried to take gifts they wouldn't even let her leave them. BUT to our amazement, even though the front desk girl was hesitant, two of us were allowed into the dressing room! Rachel and Laura headed back. The results were amazing. The girls loved them and wanted hugs. They even invited us to staff dinner! And the 'house mom' goes to a local church. Doors were totally opened! They said they could use water for all the girls in the future so we will be back fully loaded with refreshments. We were and still are so stoked on the way God opened up hearts and opportunities. There are closer to 400 girls working - lots of relationships to be made. 
      Then we are off to club number two (a smaller club) with 30 gifts. The manager remember us from a previous visit and Let the other three of us back. Unfortunately the house mom was a little apprehensive to our purpose so we were not allowed into the dressing room this time. But she was excited about the gifts and the special one we made for her so heading back is in the near future! 
     It really went far better than we imagined. The openness was surprising and such a blessing. My heart is so anxious to go back and interact with them more. 
     Now.. How to fund raise lots of money to bring lots more gifts next time! We have things planned but BowlFest will be huge as well! 

Here's a few pics from the night:

Fancy Dessert before:


Pretty much haven't laughed this much in a looong time.

In the parking lot



Thanks to everyone for the encouragement, prayer and support.
We are headed to the Brothel in Eli, Nevada on Wednesday! Big update to come on that!

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Unknown said...

Hey Phyl,
We're praying for you and love the updates. I've always followed X3 and what they're doing, but now that you're there it's just so cool! It's so exciting seeing what God's doing through you and the team. We'll be praying about how we can support you guys. Thanks for doing what you're doing!

Jeff and Christie

By the way...I loved seeing you in the video! That's what I've been waiting for, you're a movie star!!!