Thursday, October 19, 2017

The power behind how you "Me Too". #ThriveThursday

If you're on social media much I am sure you have seen the "Me Too" statements spreading unity in the experiences many of us have had in regards to sexual assault and abuse. I have so many thoughts as I see people share their "Me Too" statement. I want to be so grateful for the awareness being created but with each statement I see I wonder, "Have they felt truly heard in their hurt? Do the 'likes' make them feel understood? Have they experienced healing?".

Me too have always been words I've stood behind. There is such power when people share authentically and create a safe space for people to say, "Me too".. "I struggle with that too. I've had doubts in that area too. That has happened to me too. I've felt alone in that too."

I don't know about you but the most meaningful conversations for me are ones where I feel safe to share and others feel safe enough to offer. There is a mutual "me too" that takes place. There is a sigh of relief. There is empathy, feeling known and feeling understood. And there is healing.

I'm always hesitant to jump on the trend bandwagon.
The internet is such a powerful place for people to experience community. But it has a downside.
I am sure for many it is healing to see others express what they have experienced. There is comradery. But, I fear the other side; isolation.

Sure, I could post me too. I've have my share of violating, degrading experiences.
But there's a lot of levels of "Me too" in the regard.

So, here's my point.
If you've dealt with moments or ongoing pain in this area, please don't let this be your only space to be heard and known.
If you've never shared those words across a couch or table with a trusted friend, mentor or counselor, let this be the time you are encouraged to do so.
You indeed are not alone.
You deserve to be heard, understood and supported.

Don't let your connection stop at some loose internet understanding of mutual pain.
Let this be the push to have meaningful connection, whatever your "Me Too" may be.

I'm here, friends.
Reach out to a trusted person.
Find a local counselor resource like CIFT.

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