Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Creative Family Moments | Capture what matters.

Maybe you have a spot you love to take your annual family photos.. but maybe you've been looking to mix it up. So, how can you get creative this season and capture what matters?

I've got some ideas for you that I think are fun and worthwhile. Or maybe they spark your own idea! Whatever it is, choose something you love and will love for a long time.
  • Holiday Traditions: Pumpkin Carving, Choosing your Christmas Tree, Holiday Decorating and more! I love these traditions and they create meaningful moments.
  • Brunch or baking: Do you have a tradition involving family recipes, favorite treats or simple mornings? These are beautiful.
  • Firsts: If you've got a new little one, everything is new! Or maybe you moved into a new home or got married. There are so many firsts taking place in your life and each one is meaningful. 
  • Halloween Costumes: Let those littles put them on and run around! I fully support costumes for Mom and Dad, too! 
  • Your favorite moments: Whatever they are. Simple, profound, everyday or extraordinary. They matter, make them last! I'd love to hear your ideas and favorite moments to capture! 
If you've got something you'd love to document, I'd love to be a part of your memories.

Here's to a fun holiday season ahead!

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