Thursday, October 5, 2017

Fall Moments: A Checklist

Every year when Fall rolls around I am pumped! This is my time, people. Well, now through Winter. I am all about cooler weather, festivities, traditions, my love for pumpkin goes way back and there is so much to decorate for and celebrate.

I can get a little caught up in wanting to do all the things during these seasons. So I thought I'd make a little list of the things I want to enjoy and the moments I want to spend with people. Otherwise I may not do them or I might feel like I am still missing out. This way I can soak them up with presence. There's even a bit more urgency as I know these will be so special with a little yet I want to take them in fully as our last season with just us two.

So, here's it goes...

Fall Checklist: Moments to soak up.
  • Put out Fall decor September 1
  • Enjoy a Coffee Bean Pumpkin Blended when it arrives
  • Make the pilgrimage to Trader Joe's for all things pumpkin 
  • Enjoy Fall brunch at home: Pumpkin waffles, coffee, cool mornings
  • Go to Oak Glen for apple treats, photos and Fall colors
  • Carve pumpkins
  • Pass out candy to the cute Trick-or-Treaters 
  • Host a Fall party 
  • Make the annual pumpkin pasta dinner
  • Sit by the fire-pit with warm beverages and delicious dessert 
  • Write notes of gratitude 
  • I want to try the pumpkin apple sauce recipe a friend just shared 
What am I missing?
What are your favorite ways to soak up this Season? Do tell!

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