Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Nick & Sophie | Home Session

I loved capturing this sweet couple and their personalities in their beautiful home.

Nick & Sophie have a lot of changes coming their way. They are so exciting but it also means new, different and closing some chapters in life.

We all have these times of change and new and it can be a lot to process. You want to look forward to the new but you also want to be present and take in the season you are in.

I am so glad they wanted to document this season of life as a way to preserve the past few years. A lot of life happens in a few years; memories, decisions, conversations, learning about each other, accomplishments and much more. Also, they have an AMAZING home. I told them I might have to stay after our session was done. Sophie is an incredible decorator and home maker. It is cute, cozy, warm and has so much detail. They have made much special places in their home - from brunch and coffee on the porch to cuddling in the corner spot on the couch that has a view though most of their home. Also, they haven't had professional photos taken together since their wedding day! I love getting to provide my clients with such special images that capture part of their journey.

I hope these images are shared and passed down to generations as they look back on how their life unfolded over the years.


Amanda said...

These are so very sweet.

Anne Hurst said...

I love how cozy your photographs capture this couple and their home. The details are absolutely lovely. Happy Wednesday!

Sharon said...

This was SO great. I LOVE HOME SESSIONS. A dream of mine. I'll have to hire you one day...😘