Thursday, May 12, 2016

Josh & Taylor | Home Session

It has been a big year for Josh & Taylor. Newlyweds, a new home they just finished remodeling, exciting career changes and a brand new puppy!

A couple's wedding day is often the "Best day of their lives". It is certainly one of the best moments, celebrations and beginnings. But what follows is so significant; learning to live in the little and small things together, tackling challenges, celebrating milestones and the unknown experiences of the journey ahead.

It can be easy to snap some iPhone photos, post an instagram and wake up to another anniversary wondering where the years went. 

This is such an exciting time with with so much new for this sweet couple. I loved spending the morning with them while they made their favorite brunch treats, enjoyed coffee on the couch and spend time in the backyard with the cutest little addition, Toby.

I hope these photos become memories beyond just these moments.
I hope they will look back and remember turning point conversations, their favorite corners of their home, significant moments and the little things that fill this season. 
I hope they pass down these photos to generations to come.

Josh & Taylor | Morning Brunch at Home

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