Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thrive Thursday: The in between.

I was thinking I would end up blogging everyday this week and I would be so proud of myself. And I have been most excited about #ThriveThursdays and yet haven't posted one.
Then I was really tired, had a full day and didn't get to writing. And I didn't feel very thrive-y today.
Then my husband asked if I had blogged today. And I said "no". I don't really have anything to say. And then he reminded me that even if I didn't post/share it, I should write. And even if I didn't feel super creative or in thrive mode today, I should write. Because that is the reality. No one feels awesome/creative/on top of life all the time. And if you say you do, I won't believe you. Or we won't really get along.

Today I was really tired from a long Wednesday and not enough sleep.
Today at work was pretty boring (which typically drains me).
This afternoon had some mundane annoying things squeezed in before heading out to the next commitment. 

Charles came home and I wasn't in the best mood. When he asked why, I didn't really have a reason other then feeling "meh" and like nothing particularly good happened in my day. Nothing super life giving. Nothing thrive like. Today just was.

And after I processed that a little, I sit here thinking about how lame my bad mood was.
I am trying really hard in this season to not neglect my passions but "meh" days (or maybe they are just "normal" days) are ok.

Real is found in the normal.
Everyday life is lived in the normal.
People that deserve to be noticed are in the normal around us.
Presence is lived in the normal.

If we're only in it for the high points, the mountain tops and the success,
we miss out on the everyday.  

What is in the everyday normal that allows us to thrive?

Sometimes it feels like good news, accomplishment, being sought after for a skill, successfully helping someone overcome something, getting lots of likes on a new post...

But in the everyday I think it looks more like:
  • Sharing my day with my husband
  • Being present with the people in my path
  • Sharing life intentionally with those in my circle
  • Being fully me as a wife, friend, home maker, encourager, leader
  • Trusting God's leading
  • Hearing part of someone's story
  • Finding beauty in photography, creating something
  • Growing my porch garden
  • Enjoying simple things like my morning coffee, windows down and music up, a good book
I am all about the BE YOU BOLDLY, go after your dreams, live passionately stuff. But I don't want to miss out on the normal, consistent, valuable parts where life is lived.

Today was not a bad day. I have a lot to be grateful for in today. Today is a small part of a much bigger journey.

When the super exciting happens, I'll be stoked. But in the in between I want to live a life of gratitude, presence and with perspective beyond the "meh" moments.

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