Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Less plan, more presence.

I don't have an outlined plan for what is ahead as far as my "career" or life in that way. I've had something I have been fully committed to for most of my 20s, but not now. And it is hard. But people around me so kindly remind me what I've chosen, why and that it is good when I freak out (which is relatively often).

My plan?
Don't plan (too much).
Make room what what I love.
See what opportunities arise.
Trust where God has led and is leading.
Say yes where I want to.
Be present.

Right now that looks like 3 projects I have said yes to and focusing on those yeses. The present. Not making it about what could be next, what could make me feel more important and what I should do. Focused on now, opportunity, learning. They look like:
  1. Ethos Ladies Night. I am pretty excited for this. While I was physically present in our Young Adult ministry, I didn't feel present in any other facet. And being connected to people is my thing. This was killing me (due to previously mentioned burn out, not the right fit job, etc.). Charles and I had a long talk on a road-trip this summer about what my investment looks like in a way that is my best leadership. I knew I wanted to cultivate my heart for the young women in our community. Through that conversation came a few dreams but the ability to start with this event. And it is almost here. I am pumped to spend time getting to know, encouraging, sharing stories and having fun alongside these women. I am pumped to create a space where they can be known and get to know others. I am pumped to speak into their worth, how to thrive and draw closer to Jesus.
  2. Help Portrait. I've really wanted to host a Help Portrait event. I love this organization and how it empowers photographers and willing people to offer their good. I saw the founder speak recently and his honesty, passion and encouragement blew me away. Plus, this organization is where the idea came from for the past 2 years of The Photo Project in Kenya.
  3. The Downtown Fullerton Art Walk. I am so stoked for this. Share and Do Good (check them out!) asked me if I would be their featured artist for December. PUMPED. I love them, the store and am so excited for this opportunity to share photos/stores from our Kenya trips and more. But this is a big deal to me because in this season of wanting to engage my creativity I wanted to ask them if I do art for an event BUT I was too scared. What if they think my photos are lame? What if they want "real" artist? What if.... But they contacted me. And I knew it was encouragement from God as I dream but keep letting fear win. I am grateful for that nudge.
All that to say..
If you're dreaming about what life holds for you next and you are unsure, focus on what life has now.

Where can you say yes that aligns your passions?
Where can you say yes that creates opportunity?
Where can you say yes that allows you to learn and grow?
Where can you say yes that allows you margin, freedom and space to dream?
Where can you say yes that invites risk, potential, adventure?

In this season of margin, creativity, freedom and alignment of passions, I am still so hesitant to try, fail, learn and risk. So I am reminding myself, and maybe you as well... don't give up, try, fail and be ok with it, live life fully engaged. In order to dream we have to be willing to look dumb, make mistakes and take risks.

I'm trying. It's not easy, but there is a lot of good and I know there is way more good ahead.

If you are on a similar journey, I'd love to hear about yours and the yeses you are making (or want to).

Don't give up!

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