Thursday, October 1, 2015

Making it official.

At the Yellow Conference one of the speakers (Sean McCabe: writer, hand letterer) challenged us to show up everyday and write. Not editing and thinking. Just writing. This allows themes to emerge, creates consistency in our brand (if applicable) and allows us to discover what we have to say.

Leading into the conference I had been thinking about writing and sharing more (hence: Cultivate Create) so this was encouraging and felt like a confirming kick in the butt. However, I haven't been able to convince myself to write regularly. I have done some writing, but not consistently.  I do my own journaling to process, connect with God, etc. So for this, I needed a purpose besides just writing. I came up with one!

I am diving into a Monday - Friday writing process with regular blog posts (for an undetermined amount of time). I won't say there will always be posts, but definitely regularly. I like to write and share with purpose, to encourage others, to share life, to foster authenticity in a well curated world, and so on. I love for people to find a little, "Oh, I am not alone" moment in a shared experience. We all need a little more real, a little more hope, and a little more good (at least I think).

So, this is what has emerged:

Marriage Mondays - I am passionate about healthy marriages.
Real Talk Tuesdays - The world needs more real. More Authentic.
Work it Wednesdays - Photography, ministry, barista, creating, opportunities, whatever emerges.
Thrive Thursdays - Thrive is an ongoing theme for me. Personal health, joy, being alive.
Fun Fridays - Random posts, fun projects, life, who knows.

Do any of these resonate with you?
Anything you want to read about it? (I hate asking this. Not like I am a pro but I'm curious what get's you excited)
Do you write or have things to share and would be interested in guest posting in one of these categories?

I invite you to join me in reading along if this interests you.
Also, I invite you to join me in writing. Maybe it isn't these topics. Maybe you have other areas that stir in you. Let's do this!

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Unknown said...

Yes! Would love to hear more about your photography journey!