Friday, August 4, 2017

Summer Vacation 2017

Last Summer we did a two week road-trip and we realized that while there are fun options, we don't love Summer vacation. So this year we decided that we still needed & wanted a getaway but that we'd do a Summer and a Winter vacay.

So we planned 4 nights camping in Big Trees State park and then unknown spots for the weekend. Four nights would be the most we've camped in one spot and we were looking forward to arriving and being. We'd have options but we could also just set up the hammock and hang.

It was great. Morning bacon, eggs, pancakes and coffee. Moving slow. Heading to a river or lake. Sandwiches by the water. Dinner and a fire at camp. Our time was flexible, unplanned and free.. just the way it needed to be. Our challenge is always figuring out the balance of enjoying surrounding things and slowing down and just being in one spot. I don't think we've mastered the balance yet but it is always hard when you're in a new place.

The main challenge was our furry pup. While the campground was dog friendly, he couldn't join us on any trails and a lot of places we went to enjoy nature we're "no dogs allowed". Plus he just wanted to be able to run leash free. People who travel with dogs, any tips?

Anyway, we left and took a beautiful drive over The Sierras and ended up in Mammoth. This drive was a highlight. So peaceful, minimal other cars, beautiful snow capped mountains and rivers and tons of trees. Every campground in Mammoth was full so we ended up in no mans land and the pup got to roam free.

Our trip ended with two nights on the Kern River. It was way too hot but that made for nice river hangs and floating.

The downside? After 7 nights of camping you need a few days vacation before hitting real life again. But, well worth it.

Charles does such a great job of planning, packing and making our camping successful. He loves this stuff and it gives him life. We loved exploring new spots, swimming in natural water, soaking up the mountain views and navigating the adventures that came. Plus, a few days in your really start to have those good conversations when you've been away from the normal life routine. The space to dream, reflect, and much more. This is why you need vacation... space to breathe. Hooray!

How do you vacation? I'd love to hear your favorite getaways!

First things first: Tent & Hammock!

The beautiful meadow where bears slept at night. 

Adventure pup!

Breakfast is one of my favorite parts! 

Doesn't that middle photo make you laugh? Bat dog in action! 

Lake Alpine

His favorite part... 

More breakfast dates!

It's perfect when the days and warm but mornings and nights are cool enough for a fire. 

This sweet guys humors me while I make him run to the meadow before the sun peaks to get a photo together. 

Me a long time ago and me now on the same tree.. 

Down the dirt road... Our campsite in Mammoth. 

That's the moon!

Kern River lounging.. 

Our final night... 

Until next time, Vacation! 

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Unknown said...

ive seen some people when camping if a town is near by to put their dog in doggy day care there or something like that for a few hours while they hike... could be an option if a town or city near by...