Monday, August 21, 2017

Our Next Big Adventure...

Guess what?

It's time for our next big adventure!

Ready or not, a little Stoicu is headed our way and we're so grateful.

Even though I am all about sharing authentically on the internet, this feels a little strange. We've known a big change is coming for a while now and we've loved having as many in person conversations, phone calls and visits to share the news as possible. There's something very special about sharing news this big and engaging in the responses that people we love have. This is something that I think is often lost with the need to instantly share our experiences with the world. I know it is 2017 and everything gets shared through social media, but it feels a little weird to break this seal.  We're currently sitting at a coffee shop having the conversation about pressing "post". I'm like, "I am a photographer, blogger and moment sharer.. I have to." and he's sharing his process of hesitance and the significance and personal aspect of this journey. And I am so glad he is. I love that together we can question the norms, how we want to do things and what matters to us.

So, we're inviting you into this journey. And we're excited about the support and love that comes from how we can share with our broad community. That is super meaningful to us. But we're also sharing that there is more to this moment than, "Hurry, lets tell the world".

There are conversations about how everything will change, the different fears we have, longings we can't wait for, unknowns around each corner and exciting milestones. There are hugs, tears, bursts of excitement and fun conversations with those we love. There are prayers. And now begins the conversation of how social media will affect our kid(s) and our responsibility in that area.

So with this fun news comes a little back story to the authentic journey that comes with making an announcement like this. Social media allows such beautiful connections but may we find significance in the moments we experience, not just the ones we "share".

More to come on this journey but for now, arriving in our home February 2018...

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