Friday, May 19, 2017

Our 4th Anniversary

Today marks 4 years as The Stoicus.

I am so thankful for this day.
I am so thankful for each day (and year) I've been able to navigate life with him by my side.
I am so thankful for the way each year is new.
I am so thankful for the things we've learned, experienced, overcome and celebrated this past year.

This year was real hard. Not marriage wise but life wise. We navigated a long process of losing two people in our families. We learned how to grieve (and I learned how to support my husband as he grieved. That sucked.). A lot of good things were clouded with bad. But 2017 felt like a fresh start. Phew.

We had some time in our marriage (like years 1-2) that were life hard and therefor marriage hard. But this year feels like we really came together better during the life hard. I am proud of the team that we are and the depth that exists. And lets be honest, I am hoping things have settled down for a while..

We also had a lot of good, too.

We took our first two week vacation (not the best, but we survived).
We took a dreamy winter vacation.
We launched our ministry into a new space, season and vibe and it has been so fun.
We got a dog and he's the best (this was on my list of dreams for this year).
I've been building my business and he's been my biggest supporter.
I got a new side job that is such a blessing and filled with great people. Oh, and I walk to work (FLDWRK).
We created a rhythm for teaming up for household chores and it's been helpful and fun (this is big stuff, people).

So, here is to these fours years. Here's to the life we're building. Here's to year five and all it holds.

I love you, Charles. I am so grateful for you, your love and the person you are. So grateful.

Tonight we're going to our celebration spot (Stubricks) and getting Knotts Bery Farm passes (pending Charles fighting off this flu thing).
This weekend we'll take time to reflect on our dreams for year four and dream for the year ahead.

How do you celebrate?

Last year's anniversary dinner - Stubricks as well!

Hume Lake - June 2016

Summer Vacay 2016

Wrightwood camping - Fall 2016

Arrowhead getaway at our favorite spot. 

Oak Glen


Steamboat Springs Winter Vacay

Winston! Adopted January 2017. We love him. 

Chili for Chile fundraiser | Home

Typical mornings. 

Minnesota | April 2017

We've loved continually making our home ours. Featuring the dent from the day we moved in. 


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