Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Lasting moments in print form.

I really love that digital photography allows us to capture beauty, life and moments so accessibly. I take pictures of pretty much everything. But I too am guilty of letting them fill up my hard drive and then, sit there.

But then, when I print my art, it takes on a whole new form. It is one of kind, tells a story and reminds me of the moments it holds.

I recently delivered a print order to some super sweet clients. They suddenly got to bring two sweet foster babies into their home. They wanted to make sure that for however long they get to be with them, they would get to take photos from this season of their life with them. I hadn't thought of it but they informed me that often foster kids grow up without any photos of themselves as kids. That broke my heart and made this session even more significant.

They ordered photos to fill their walls, some photos for their Birth Mom in time for Mother's Day and photos for them to keep.

Seeing them open their printed artwork was the best!
There were a few tears on both ends and it was such a joy to see their excitement.

Thank you, Garcia family, for inviting me into these moments.

When was the last time you tangibly held art from your photographs?
What is your favorite way to display the moments you capture?

I'm ready to update my walls with this last season of life we've experienced.

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