Friday, May 12, 2017

Fun Friday: Annual Spring Break Camping Trip | Big Bear, CA

We just had our 3rd annual Ethos Camping Trip with out young adults. I can't believe this was the third!

The past two years were in early April and pretty cold. This year the lows were only about 40 which made things a lot easier on everyone.

I love seeing the group that forms every year. It is a solid mix of deeply connected and newer people. What better way to bond than camping? People leave encouraged, with deep friendships, and rich time away from thing "normal" things of home. We come together to cook big meals, clean up the dishes, hike, rest and more. It is fun, refreshing and refueling.

Oh, we also got to take Winston on his first camping trip (and we were pretty stoked). He made it into quite a few photos from the many photographers on our trip. He guarded camp, swam in the lake and explored the new territory.

I love these people and that Charles and I get to share in these moments together.
I love watching him plan, pour into and lead.

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