Monday, April 11, 2016

Some Mondays are for the Mundane

We do #AdventureMonday around here. It is our full day off together and the day we typically plan something fun... the mountains, a new coffee shop, camping, walking to our favorite spot for brunch, etc. But some Mondays aren't so adventure filled. Some Mondays are a little more mundane. Does it mean I am getting old if I like these days more and more?

Today was more of the mundane:
We slept in and then decided to roll out of bed and go to Mother's Market for breakfast. We've been wanting to do that. Then we strolled the aisles just looking at the yummy treats.
We then made an exchange at Nordstrom Rack.
Then we decided to stop at Target for a few key items. This turned into Charles picking out many rounds of outfits for me to try on and living with little "needed" items.
We came home, watched some MadMen, went on a walk and made dinner.

Nothing magnificent, right?

But it was great.
  • Our slow morning was so needed.
  • Breakfast was lovely. No real agenda but great conversation about the people we love in our ministry, challenges, vacation ideas, and so on. 
  • Target was fun! I don't really like browsing/shopping but Charles does and he picks out things I wouldn't and encourages me to enjoy and pick out something I like. 
  • Mellow time at home was so needed and recharging for the week ahead. 
  • On our neighborhood walk we peeked in homes for sale (as if we could remotely buy here) and admired spring flowers and such. 

So, here's to the mundane days. 
The days with space for conversation. 
The days with no agenda. 
The days spent content on the couch. 
The days just enjoying the little things. 

So, what are the mundane things you love?

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