Thursday, September 10, 2015

digitally defined worth.

Have you ever struggled with your worth being based on what the digital world has decided?
Have you decided the worth of others based on what the digital world declares?

I've been thinking about this topic lately. And maybe you are with me.
If you have a business, start up, creative venture, or just spend a lot of time on social media, you might feel the tension. Things like:
  • Why is he/she so valued? Their stuff isn't even that good.
  • Why don't more people like my ______?
  • I guess I am not as good at this or as needed in this area as I thought.
  • They have it all together, post the best stuff and everyone likes them. 
  • I should do things more like them.
  • Maybe I should scratch this idea since it hasn't gained many followers.
I am concerned for how comparison and social media validation bring ourselves down, but I might be more concerned with how we lift people up too high.

Like many areas of our life, we have to keep our thoughts in check.

Do you ever stumble upon an instagram account and see that it has 67.5k followers and decide you MUST follow it and be enriched? Like this is a new source for all things to do, eat, quote and share?
Do you stumble upon an account with 408 followers and brush it off?
I am pretty sure I have done both.
And I am pretty sure I have let other people's digital success make me feel like I have less to offer.

I'd encourage you to keep a few things in mind today:
  • Perfect is the enemy of good. You have something great to offer. Don't let someone's great defeat yours.
  • The grass is greener where you water it. Don't just follow others. Water your own stuff. Decide what you value and why. And keep at it.
  • Social media is about as reality as reality TV sometimes. It can be a great place for depth, relationship, encouragement and real life BUT it can also be so deceiving, addicting, discouraging and misleading. Their marriage isn't perfect, their home gets messy, they have ugly sweatpants days, they feel insecure as well. And whatever, they aren't you (or me).
  • Who are your people? I am guessing that before social media, most validation came from friends, family, peers. Of course there was till comparison but I bet it wasn't flying in from 1000 angles. Do you lean into the leading of God, people closest to you, people you trust in your field? Decide where your source of healthy advice, feedback, worth and direction comes from and check in often. We all need reminded that we're noticed, we matter and that we're capable of good. 
  • Less than flawless is good. Do you really desire for your IG feed and life to look just like theirs? Or, what is your level of great? Where is God leading you? What makes you proud? What do you enjoy? Their great isn't your great. Be you, fully. And be real, too. Authenticity is deeply needed.
  • Digital worth isn't the true factor. Remember where your worth is rooted. Remember that everyone discovering you and "liking" you isn't true worth. Remember they are not better than you because they have a trillion followers. Or, you are not better than them if you have a trillion followers.

I attended the Yellow Conference a few weeks ago. It was named after flowers. Take this in:

"A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms."

While this conference has much to do with marketing, social media, branding and image it also speaks deeply of worth, individuality, creativity and being healthy. I am so glad for that in this over saturated world of competition and false identity. 

B L O O M. 
Do YOUR thing.
Go, be you, boldly.
The world needs what you have to offer. That includes those right around you - not just the big digital world that gets you (or me) a lot of likes. 

I'd love to hear how you keep you worth in check or your story with this struggle...

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