Monday, May 4, 2015

Recap: Photos for Kenya

It's been a little over a week now since our Photos for Kenya Fundraiser... We had a great time!

We parked ourselves at a local park, set up some refreshments & snacks (huge thanks to those who baked delicious treats!), and waited. I think the gloom deterred people but it was a lovely day. While we waited we had some great conversations with people in the park who wondered what we were doing. January (yup, that's her name - seen below) was one of those people. She said she didn't have much to give but wanted to donate to what we were doing. She mentioned struggling with ongoing pain and Charles got to pray with her. I love that you never know how God is going to work but if you are available, there are great opportunities to show His love.

I am so thankful for Taylor. I got to mentor her in photography for her High School Senior Project and I loved getting to know her. I am stoked to go back to Kenya with her for year two and see what God has in store. Her positive energy is contagious and I love seeing her thrive as she grows her photography business. Love you Taylor!

We cannot say thanks enough to everyone for your support on this trip and this event. Even if you couldn't make it, thanks for cheering us on. Thanks to our friends and supporters who came by to have their pictures taken and help us make this possible in Kenya for thousands of families. Oh, and thanks to the beautiful woman who just finished working out but jumped out of her car to take 1 picture and support us! We had a great time and are stoked to share a little of what were doing in Kenya, here.

Alright, so here's a little recap of the day.

We've been asked if we'll be doing this again.. We definitely plan to host another event and would love for you to join us! Let us know if you have any questions and keep your ears peeled for June!

... and THANKS again.

Phylicia's fundraiser page | Taylor's fundraiser page. 

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