Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Welcome to the Process

Many of you know I am in a season of transition. I've worked full time since I was 19 so this middle phase is a little challenging for me (or a lot challenging). I've got time to explore creativity I've pushed aside, connect with people I've longed to engage with, room to say yes where desired, take naps and more. Since I've kinda just kept going with what's been given to me most of my adult life, figuring out what to say yes to and when is tough.

So, all that to say I have been doing a lot of processing and I have a lot of thoughts swirling around in my mind.
Some days are awesome and some are just weird and hard.

But yesterday, after a great cup of coffee at the most lovely shop in Long Beach (Rose Park Roasters), Charles and I had some great conversation. He's so patient and gentle with me while I am a hot mess (not in a good way) and I am so grateful for him. This while all while sitting against this lovely wall that stated, "Welcome to the process". And it kept tugging at me. Welcome. Am I welcoming this process? Am I allowing this funky transition to be funky? Or am I fighting it and forcing something else? I am in process. This is a season of transition with room for exploring and I want to embrace it.

So, maybe you are like, "Hmm, what are you talking about?". Feel free to ignore this process/crazy. If you are in process or are intrigued because you will be at some point.. read on.

Ok, what am I doing to embrace the process?
  1. I am still figuring that out.
  2. I am having conversation about this. I could keep it all in my head and go crazy but instead I am inviting others in who I trust to hear me, give feedback and be support.
  3. I am exploring. What have I ignored in the last few years because of the road I was on? What have I lost sight of that I enjoy? What have I wanted to explore that I haven't? (examples: my desire to be creative, deep connection with people, rest, updating my boring style, blogging)
  4. Reading/Learning. I enjoy learning from others, paying attention to my journey, reading books and knowing that I have stuff to work on and that's ok.
I enjoy sharing my journey and while I feel a little but like, "Why am I sharing this random stuff?" I also know that no one likes to struggle alone so if my journey helps, great. 

If you have any thoughts on this topic / being in process / figuring out the middle, please share!

If you have any thoughts on something you'd like to read about life transition or want to chat more, please send me an email.

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