Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Roadtrip Adventure: CA > Prescott, AZ

Last week we ventured out for a roadtrip. Our birthdays are close together this month, our anniversary quickly follows and it was just time for an adventure. Plus, I've never been to The Grand Canyon and we've both never been to Zion National Park (tragic, I know).

We love exploring and it was so fun to explore so many places we've never been. Plus on most of our road trips we drive a lot to get to one place. On this trip we drove less and explored more places, little towns and pit stops included. And we loved it. More, please!

So our Road trip looked like this:
  •  CA  -->  Prescott, AZ (a good stopping point/chance to visits the BFs new home).
  • Prescott, AZ  -->  The Grand Canyon
  • The Grand Canyon  -->  Zion National Park
  • Zion National Park  -->  Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada
  • Valley of Fire  -->  Las Vegas
  • Las Vegas  -->  Home!
So, here's part 1:

MJP reunited!

This guy was celebrating getting into a Fire program and wanted to celebrate by taking a picture this us. Sure dude, why not! Also, he said "JUMP!" and this is what we got.

Best Western Hot Breakfast and a map!

Cute, but not that great tasting coffee stop in Prescott. This is such a cute little town. Yay Tass family for such a great new home. 

To be Continued with THE GRAND CANYON.

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