Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Newest Tass.

It has been so fun and such a privileged to watch and share in each step of the way as the Tass Family grows. Jala and Maggie are two people who mean so much to me and they are so blessed by Tori, their newest addition. They have been great parents to Ellie and are doing so great adjusting to #2.

Tori seems to have such a different personality than Ellie already but the more I see her the more she looks like Ellie. I am glad we got to sneak in some quick photos a couple of weeks ago. It's so fun to see this new phase of life!

 photo 200_zpscc9e3463.jpg

 photo 201_zpsa5ff59f6.jpg

 photo 202_zpsf0c74bac.jpg

 photo 204_zpsca41e8f9.jpg

 photo 205_zps439ce7dc.jpg

 photo 206_zps44f729c0.jpg

 photo 207_zps455e4ff4.jpg

 photo 208_zps95787191.jpg

 photo 209_zps4d043bfe.jpg

 photo 210_zps4dc14490.jpg

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