Saturday, April 6, 2013

Behind the scenes (reality)

I have had a few conversations recently regarding how other people's lives are (read: look). Facebook, Instagram, etc. have all made it very easy to make our lives look however we want. We post statuses of our great moments, pictures of nice meals/fun places and of course only the photos we look best in.
Maybe it is more of a woman thing, but as people we compare. We are jealous.
I was having a conversation on Tuesday with a friend about how put together others seem and then the reality of the messy moments. Fights, dirty dishes, bad moods, ugly hair days. It's rarely as it seems.
Tonight I saw someone post this article on Relevant that was right in line with what I've been thinking this week. All that to say.. When I saw this picture of Charles and I that we laughed for a long time at I decided I needed to post it. This is a small glimpse of the less than great moments. Bad timing, conflict, boredom, and trials can all get the best of us. Sometimes, it is just not as pretty as it seems.

So, friends, try not to let comparison steal your joy. We don't know the story behind what we see on social media. We are not them. We have much to be grateful for.

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