Sunday, May 19, 2013


Preface: we have no Internet but I've really been wanting to blog, so please ignore typos as I wrote from my phone.

Ok: It's May 19th, our wedding day!

I am packed. I've spent some time journaling and praying. Charles and j spent time with friends tonight. I spent time with some family today. I just cant believe that after all the errands, stress, prep and fun... May 19th is here!

First of all, thank you! We've been unbelievably supported throughout this process. Our families are so excited and its a privilege they are all here.
Our friends have worked hard, driving from afar and celebrated us much.
Our Eastside family has been non stop excited, encouraging and supportive.

We've had cards, gifts, donations for the wedding and much more. Honestly, it's hard for me (and Charles as well) to receive an outpouring of generosity like we have but it's teaching us a lot and were so grateful.

I just can't believe how many people are excited for us and have wanted to share in the details, countdown and help. So again, thank you for the love and support: whether via social media, in person, mail, text or prayers, we are so thankful. It ALL means so much and we won't forget it.

Ok, I'm calm (tired). But I just read notes from my mom, friends and Charles that were delivered tonight (see the photo included) and tears began. This is so significant and I'm so excited. It just still feels surreal. I've watched, helped a supported others do this and I just can't believe that now it's my turn. We'll see what I feel when I wake up. But I'm so ready and excited that I get to begin life with Charles in a whole new way.

He is such a gift. I've made a list of qualities I've wanted in a husband in the past, I've learned a lot about what I need in a partner and I've leaned into God to not only see what He has in store but also to be the woman that my husband will need. Now I know I'm far from perfect but I so pray I love Charles well, affirm him, adventure with him always and serve him well as his partner. I'm thanking God tonight for how significant Charles has been and how amazing it is that I get to be his wife TODAY.

Ok, I think that's all I've got. I'm gonna get married.

Phylicia (really almost Stoicu)

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Allison said...

phyl, charles and you are in my thoughts and prayers today. i love you, girlie, and i'm excited to see God continue to work in your life, as a married woman.