Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So I'm home. Although I am happy, being sick hasn't made for an enjoyable return.

I am grateful I was able to go to high school camp. My girls are seniors now! This is year 6 with them and I am honored to have spent so many years in their lives.

The camp group (minus hannah)

before she left. it was bright inside.

the rope course crew

super seniors

on the lake

hammock time

At this last summer camp I was reminded of our first summer camp together in 2004. We played the same camp game this year we played the first year. There were just as many over the top hilarious moments. This camp was different in seeing how much the girls desired to listen to God, encourage each other, confess, grow and be who He wants them to be. Priorities are different now and it is so exciting to see the growth in the their lives. We looked back at the last 5 years, prayed over hurts and healing and enjoyed eating, talking, relaxing and being crazy together. I am encouraged and blessed to be a part of their journey.

So Vegas didn't end the way it was planned to but I am humbled to see how God has moved me away from my plan and towards his. I had a plan in my head about how life would look for me upon returning but as I made the journey back that plan began to reroute. So thanks to Jesus and some great people in my life I will start a new job tomorrow at my church. I really am honored to be chosen and working with so many people I love and respect at a place I love so much. I am excited. More to come on this!

Goals for today:
rest and feel better, finally see (500) days of summer, be reunited with yogurtland, get organized and enjoy some new music.

Summer is over. That is weird but lately I have been day dreaming about Fall - festivities, leaves, pumpkin flavored treats and sweaters. Mhmm!


Hannah said...

You are so cute and I am honored to see how God has molded you into a beautiful woman since you were a senior in the high school group.. when we first meet!! You have so much to offer life and I can't wait to see how God uses you again and again!!! I am so excited that you will be working with Jeff at Church.. you go rock it and show them how awesome you are!! Take Care and 361 days ;)

Unknown said...

yogurtland! I hope you're adjusting to California well. We should catch up when you have time.