Friday, August 7, 2009

Leaving Las Vegas.

Today is the day. Moving day.
I'm almost all packed. I'm fueled up. I'm ready to load the car (okay I might not be ready but I am trying to be).

Today involved one last Einstein's Bagels trip with Rach, packing/errands and now some downtime followed by one more make up photo shoot.

Then it is just me and the 15 south.

So we had to take pictures with the other side of 'The Sign'. "Drive carefully, Come back soon." Why thank you, Las Vegas. I have mixed thoughts and feelings but it's time to part ways for now.



peace out


PS -
If you want to take a trip to Vegas, let's do it!
It is only 89 degrees right now which is Vegas loving me back.
If you know how to take pictures do not let a random tourist take one for you - they never turn out well.

Good bye.

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