Thursday, July 2, 2009

Three things.


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Last weekend Rachel C., Laura, Jessica and I ventured back to the Brothel. Like usual we come prepared with food, gifts and time to just hang out. This was a great trip. We had plenty of time to enjoy diner, dessert and hearing about their lives and learning about each other. We were blessed to hear the story of one of the ladies. There were moments of laughing, holding back tears and sighs of relating as well as our hearts breaking. But even with out hearing the words, you can see the pain behind what is being described. At the same time you see determination and desire.

I love to listen to people and their stories and moments like this where three hours later she says, "Just one more story.." I know that she is even finding healing and comfort in just having people to listen to her. When asked what she feels she needs in her life, she responded with a previously thought out, "Money, shelter and love from a man." She wants to know what it is like to be loved, taken care of and valued. Don't we all? I could see the hope in her eyes as we encouraged her, reminded her we would be praying and that we would see her much more soon. Cliche as it sounds, she was reminded that no matter what her job, place in life or hurts - God cares, listens and loves. This isn't the end of her journey. She has been through more in her life, and especially the past year that I can even fathom but she has endured. She needs the support of her creator and the ones who love her. Please pray for her and her journey, heart and healing.

While at the brothel we were able to bring food and visit the brothel next door. With out any relationship with the owner, we never know how we will be received but in a way far beyond our understanding we have been received and welcomed. We have had favor this week far beyond what we imagined. We look forward to spending more time with the staff here as well.

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