Friday, July 24, 2009

Not so lucky in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is know for a lot of things - one major thing being money. It is known for glitz, glamor, vacation, spa treatments, 'entertainment'.. but if you drive just a few miles north of the captivating Las Vegas Strip you drive into what seems like a whole different world. It looks something like this:


You see tent after tent lining Main Street in North Las Vegas. This is the not so glamorous area with a huge homeless population, shelters, The Rescue Mission and poverty. Right now it is 96 degrees which seems cool for Las Vegas right now. But people are living in tents with no source for cool air or hydration. 115 is not uncommon in the summer and it gets extremely cool in the winter. Harsh weather either way are a part of daily life for these people. Driving through this area feels like a different country. How easily we forget this is a reality where we live. The Rescue Mission feeds 700 people daily along with providing shelter, the hope of Jesus and much more. Thank God for these people who are devoting their lives to the overlooked in Las Vegas.

I drove past this area as I went to visit a women, children and pet shelter in North Las Vegas - The Shade Tree. This place is amazing and heart breaking. The facility is so nice, women can bring their pets to be cared for, they receive heath care, a case manager, beds, classes to help them be self sufficient, 24 hour security, job assistance and so much more. 300 women and children find shelter daily. I am so thankful they have somewhere wonderful to go but my heart breaks for the position they are in. Women who are 8 months pregnant who have had no prenatal care, women who have fled abusers and women who feel they can't seem to get a break. I am reminded how much hurt there is within the city I live in and yours as well. I am excited to help women who are applying for Jobs with a hair cut and style and however else I can possibly help.

The needs are all around. Please be open to those who may need your help.

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