Thursday, March 8, 2018

Our little baby space | Gender neutral nursery

What does one do while they wait for baby to make it's way in the world? I suppose it's time to document the little space we've created! It is still surreal to think we'll be bringing our little one home to join us in our world. I guess it will feel that way until we do (or maybe even longer).

Honestly this waiting phase is interesting. It is special but it is also a little stressful. But I am embracing the waiting, soaking up the much needed rest and praying for this process ahead of us. 

We don't know our baby's gender and it is funny how people ask, "Wow, how will you decorate?"
I know they mean will but here's how we did it...
  1. What we really need is a functional space to bring our child into. Honestly, this could look a lot of different ways and it doesn't have to be ready by the time he/she arrives. 
  2. We don't desire a super "gender specific" space so that isn't a concern.
  3. We're more into the rustic look with wood furniture and accent pieces. The teal table, giant pillows and green chair were already in our space. Then we just added the needed furniture, some baby items and some art and VOILA - our baby space. 
I love some of the well themed spaces I have seen but I guess that just aint us. Also, I am sure it will evolve over time and once we know their gender. 

So, here's a little look into our space (and the process of it unfolding).


We decided to keep our guest bed in the room for guest we may have while our babe is still sleeping in our room and long nights with babe to not wake each other. This led us to a mini crib (have you seen how BIG cribs are?).

From day one Charles wanted to build our crib. I of course thought it would just be easier to buy one (and honestly cheaper) but I am so grateful for his desire and labor. I love it and it will be so special. Didn't he do a great job?
The mountain art was a custom order from Raw Restorations and was Charles' Christmas gift from me. Of course, photos on display from our maternity session thanks to Tay Joy Photography.

When we hang in here Winston likes to lay in front of the crib. I think he's ready for his new role. 

Charles also build this super custom wall shelf. It has moveable pegs and shelves so we can use it and decorate it uniquely over time.
The small dresser is an Ikea purchase that doubles as a changing table.

Little baby things are the cutest. 

At my shower friends guessed baby's birthday. There's still a few in the running.. 

More little baby details. 

This room gets the best afternoon light. 

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Unknown said...

Nice! You guys build that shelf off of plans or was that a Charles original?? Pretty sweet!!