Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Our Maternity Session | Baby Stoicu Countdown

I am so thankful for this season and for the way that Taylor captured it for us!

I wanted to capture the moments that summarize much of life lately for us... Hanging with our pup, talking about the big changes to come and of course sipping on coffee together. We look a little more put together that our typical Saturday morning but this was a good reason to ditch my usual sweat pants and baggy t shirt.

I wonder what thoughts will run through my mind when I look back on these.
Will I remember 20 weeks of terrible sleep?
Will I remember the constant hunger struggle?
Will I remember the feelings of not being ready and anxiety?
Will I remember the anticipation and excitement of this new journey?
Will I remember quiet moments once shared?
Will I remember thinking, "Holy cow, we're going to be parents!?"
All I know is they will hold so much value of this nine month journey and beyond. This is why I love photographs. They hold so much more than what is seen at first glance. They are powerful, lasting and filled with memories. (Sentimental pregnant lady rambling over).

So, here's a look into our session.

Our pup Winston pretty much won't leave my side. He insisted on being in just about every photo. I am so curious to see how he will be once this little one arrives.

I miss refilling my cup of coffee but we will reunite soon. A few minutes spent together over breakfast and coffee in the morning are definitely a favorite part of my day.

A typical moment, Charles playing with his mustache. Our kid might freak out once Dad shaves his beard..

I consistently say, "Feel the baby wiggling!" and I swear he/she stops as soon as Charles reaches over. But he has gotten to see and feel these movements and it makes us so excited to meet this baby on the outside. The more it grows, the more I feel like I am getting to know the little human inside me and I get all anxious for it's arrival.

Work in progress: The baby room..
Charles is building our crib and it is almost finished. I can't wait to put some finishing touches on this space. I love to just go sit in it and soak up the natural light, pray for this babe and do some "nesting".  And Winston, he loves to snuggle with us as often as he can. 

Front porch mornings are a favorite part of the weekend. I am so thankful for this home and the life that will happen within it's walls for our family. 

We're not smiling at the bump. Definitely at the pup who wants to play soooo bad. 

The main star of pregnancy, CEREAL. Give it up for cereal. easy, cold, yummy and a good snack for the many times of hunger between meals. 

Taylor! Thank you so much for preserving these moments for us.
I know I will look back with such fond memories of this unique and truly special season. Pregnancy aint easy, y'all, but I am so thankful.

Any tips for taking photos once this baby arrives? I hope I am good about busting out my camera and capturing these fleeting moments! 

Here - we - go...

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