Thursday, November 3, 2016

Tass Family | Prescott Valley, Arizona

I should go back and count how many session I've done with this family (best friends of mine).

That first kiddo, Ellie, got 6 sessions in her first year of life.
The second kiddo, Tori, well not so many. Oops. That's how it goes, right?
Then there was an engagement session, many family sessions and so much more.

What a joy to finally meet the newest, Ethan, and to capture them again.
It is so fun to watch your best friend since High School thrive as a family and five in their new state/home/life. Not to mention just be together again. We had a weekend filled with reminiscing, laughter, some tears and lots and lots of catching up. 'Cause you can only connect so much on the phone. This was such a sweet, much needed time.

Thanks for going all the way to your beautiful backyard to squeeze in this session, Tass family. I love you guys!

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