Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Do it scared.

I am a part of a great community for creatives and business owners called The Rising Tide Society. What I love about it is that it isn't networking. It isn't self promotion (it is actually against the rules). But rather it is Community Over Competition. People are constantly cheering other people on, sharing their struggles and victories, helping each other like crazy and more. It really is such a refreshing place of encouragement in a world of comparison and competition; especially in an industry like photography.

Another member recently posted something on the topic of "Do It Scared". Not letting fear or perfectionism win, but going for it. Whatever you are called to. Maybe it is being vulnerable and sharing your story. Maybe it is taking a leap towards your passion. Maybe it is launching your business into the next phase. Maybe it is reconciling a relationship. Maybe it is huge. Maybe it feels tiny. But do it, scared. Bring your cheerleaders along and take steps towards __________.

Gosh, such a great topic. I think we all could use this pep talk now and then. And then again.

I don't live in total perfectionism. If you have been in my car, you would know that. With most things I like to do them well but I have a reasonable level of "Alright, that is pretty good!". But I hold myself (and others) to a high standard of what I think is right, good enough or common sense. There is clearly some fear driving this. Fear that I will be seen as less than enough. Fear that my idea wont make it. Fear that I will mess up.

My husband is less like this. He encourages me to go for things and to fail. He has his fears and insecurities too but luckily for me they are different and he can nudge me just right with mine. So last night we have a "business meeting". We've spent a ton of time talking about desires, passions and vision. But then it was time to crunch numbers (totally his area). So we did. And we got clarity, made a vision and set some goals. This was so helpful. But the best and most needed was setting pricing. Pricing that had a formula and made sense. Pricing that made sense for what I am worth/offer (which I am terrible at), how I contribute to our family and pricing that fits my desire to share my talent with people. Will it feel awesome to everyone? No. Will I be challenged in this new phase? Yes! But was this well thought through, intentional and purposeful? Yes.

Doing this business thing on my own and not just as a "when I have time side gig" thing is a whole new world but I am committed to go as God leads, be open to opportunity, be generous and "Do It Scared".

So here's to forward movement!

Maybe this doesn't make sense at all with where you are at. But think about what does. What have you been avoiding because of fear? Where have you chosen to stay comfortable? What is nudging you in the gut? Go towards that. And go with support!

And because no post is complete without images, here's a few from a session with some dear friends, Mike + Jessi who are definitely "Doing it Scared". They, along with an amazing team, have shaken up their lives and charged into the unknown by moving in to a new community ready to love, serve and and all the new that comes with launching a church. We are so grateful for their friendship and the ability to join their journey in support. Check out what they are doing.

How will you "Do It Scared"? I'd love to hear and cheer you on! 


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