Tuesday, January 21, 2014

PNW2013: Seattle.

So we made it to Seattle! And we're finally feeling better. You might be able to tell by the much larger amount of photos that I was much more alive. 

For Seattle we stayed at an Airbnb rental - a cute little back apartment of a house in Ballard. It was a little walk and bus ride to most places we went but it was well worth it. The home owner was so sweet and provided fresh eggs from the chickens and other fun fresh items. 

Our first coffee in the city was the new bauhaus in our area. It's just so lovely to sit, watch people, drink coffee and enjoy the crisp weather.

This is our cute little kitchen.

Our first real meal was Pho, only the second time we've ever had it. The first time was also in Seattle. 

Our fresh eggs. I love it. 

This is the front of the house we stayed in.. I just love the neighborhoods.

New Years Eve.. about to hit the town.

Just waiting for the bus... keeping warm.

Seriously 5 minutes before midnight all the fog rolled in.  Pretty none the less.


Reunited. Two years go by so quickly.

simple little moments.

A fresh, crisp, new years morning.

Everyone was starting the year off with a little fitness around Green Lake.

Mhmm coffee. 

Seriously, Portage Bay is so delicious. I need one here. Unlimited toppings bar...

Quiet moments with my man on our last day..

Here's our cute little place.

No! Leaving is so sad.

Alrighty, so that's it for our PNW adventure.. this time. The next one we wont be sick and maybe it'll rain too. I am thankful for exploring, friends, new places and traveling with my husband.

Until next time, pretty northwest.

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