Monday, January 20, 2014

PNW2013: Portland

We love the Pacific Northwest, although it never rains when I go. But it's so green and pretty, great coffee/food/beer and such fun areas to explore. We finally planned our first married trip. We booked our stay at McMenamins Kennedy School which I've wanted to stay at since my first PDX trip. The downside? We both got food poisoning the day we flew out. It was really rough but we made it through and found a few moments to enjoy Portland. We're gonna need a redo though!

Can you tell one of us was already feeling the food poisoning?

We rented a car and drove to the coast (my first time there). I didn't feel great but the drive was beautiful.

Plenty of modes of transit: plane, train, bus, max, walking. Next time we'll squeeze in a boat.

My first kind of real meal - all I could go for was tofu. 

IAll the houses are so cute.

Right about now we debating going home vs continuing on to Seattle. I am glad we finally felt better by the end of the day.

We made it to Seattle!

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