Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ah, winter. Merry Christmas, from us.

Last weekend we got to escape to Arrowhead. It was great for some much needed rest and cooler weather.

Here's to our first married Christmas.
We got our 4th tree together. Decorated our little home. Partnered with our neighbors for some collaborating on lights. While this was the first year I didn't host or even attend a Christmas Party, we had plenty of celebration and festivites.
We decided we love leaving out lights on the tree on so we wake up to them in the morning.

While it's been busy we've loved being around Eastside for the 8 Christmas services. It's fun to meet new people who experienced the story of Jesus and Christmas; maybe for the first time or in a new way.

I got an email today from a company I did online Christmas shopping with and it simply said,
"Merry Christmas y'all!
Now get off your phone/tablet/computer and spend time with your friends and family."

To that, I agree.

Go and find time to be. To rest. To remember what this is all about. To be grateful for the important things in life.

So, Merry Christmas Eve.
From us to you.

-The Stoicus.

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